“The scope was unreal” “The scope was unreal” According to Wikipedia, William Murray Smith was a Member of Parliament for Winnipeg North. He held office from March 1958 – June 1962 “William Murray Smith (born 23 October 1930 at Cardale, Manitoba) was a Progressive Conservative party  member of the Canadian House of Commons. He was a barrister by career.  “After an unsuccessful attempt in the 1957 election, Smith was elected at the Winnipeg North riding in the 1958  general election and served one term, the 24th Canadian Parliament, before his defeat at Winnipeg North in the  1962 election. He was also unsuccessful in his campaign at Winnipeg North Centre in the 1974 election.”  The Manitoba Historical Society has listed W. Murray Smith as one of it’s Memorable Manitobans. W. Murray Smith was a key player in Andre Muran’s schemes. At the time of his death in October of 2010, Mr. Smith was under investigation by the Alberta Law Society for allegations of handling the legal end of Andre Muran’s straw-man mortgage fraud deals.  He had utilized some unsavoury legal tactics against former members who attempted to hold the club accountable for their misdeeds. Mr. Smith also  among other ... issues. Though Mr. Smith was on the Board of Directors for Elevations, he was also acting as Notary on documents for the corporation which would allow Theo Muran to open accounts under the corporations name and seek funding on it’s behalf. W. Murray Smith was the named director of Global Resort Management and also named as President of Chateau World. He was also on the Board of Directors for the Elevations scam and his office was the registered address for most of Andre Muran’s corporations. W. Murray Smith 1930-2010 Former Member of Parliament © L.Goodwin 2011-2012