“The scope was unreal” “The scope was unreal” Latest News Jan 20, 2011 For those who have been asking for assistance in formatting an Affidavit, we have added an example that you can model yours on. You will find it at the bottom of the page when you click here. (the images enlarge when you click on them. Jan 20, 2011 The Statement of Claim on behalf of Prospective Class Members and Prospective Sub-Class Members against Travelers Acceptance, Crelogix and Michael Mills is complete. The suit will be filed on Monday, February 7, 2011. If you would like to be included as a Prospective Class Member, we ask that you fill out the form by clicking here. Dec 25, 2010 Well Helen and Annette have sent off their annual X-mas card to the Banff Gate Mountain Lodge and Spa email list (again, they have no business using it- they don’t work for Chateau World anymore). Strangely, they speak to recipients (who are not members of Elkhorn|) as though they are members with all of the benefits of being members of Elkhorn... perhaps too much nog... at any rate- For those who are still wondering about Elkhorn, we suggest checking reports on this company at the BBB- they shared the same ‘F’ rating that Chateau World had (though, it was recently upgraded to a D- ) ... yes, “a club to replace the old one” to be sure. They are like twins. (to see the BBB reports, click here) There is also an interesting article on the CBC news website from November of 2009 - click here to read article. Dec 22, 2010 Stale information on this site has been updated... eees more fresh now. Dec 20, 2010 Former Chateau World members who are interested in joining the Class Action against Travelers Acceptance, Crelogix and Michael Mills are asked to fill out the Initial Registration Form for Prospective Class and Sub-Class members. The information collected from this form will be held in strict confidence and used only for the purposes of advancing the class action on your behalf. To go to the form, click here. Dec 12, 2010 We are launching a new website that will feature corporations that have engaged in tortious conduct and what we have done and/or are doing to deal with them. The new site will feature a click-able time-line that will help folks put the Chateau World puzzle pieces together. Also featured will be the on going matter of Travelers Acceptance, Crelogix. Financial Debt Recovery, an Ontario based collection agency, will also find a new home on the site, with information about what appears to be a history of harassment, abuse, illegal collections and defamation as tactics in their day to day operations. Financial Debt Recovery is facing yet another defamation suit, this time in Alberta and we will have regular updates on the progress of that case on the new site as well. The new website will aim to provide assistance and guidance to people who find themselves dealing with corporations that employ illegal and unethical tactics. An announcement of the launch of the new site will be made here as well as on the CHEATauWorld toolbar ticker. Dec 12, 2010 The Statement of Claim against Travelers Acceptance, Crelogix and Mr. Mills is complete and includes numerous criminal allegations. The Claim will be filed on behalf of “the Prospective Class” and also a “”Prospective Sub Class” (these representing qualifying members of Chateau World who live a) in Alberta and b) outside of Alberta. It is challenging to coordinate all of the people involved, but we are managing and we anticipate we will be moving forward before the end of the year. © L.Goodwin 2011-2012