© L.Goodwin 2011-2012 “The scope was unreal” The Timeline 1994 Chateau Canmore construction is complete.  In the beginning, Andre and his brother Bob are  operating the new site together.   1998 Consumers are purchasing Royal Club  International; it is marketed as a club that has been  incorporated under the Societies Act. The properties,  they are told, are held in trust on behalf of the  members of the club.  2001 Banff Gate Mountain Lodge is built and  becomes the home base for operations.  May 31, 2002 Banff Gate Mountain Lodge and Spa is  incorporated; Andre Muran Director  2002 Straw-man Mortgage Fraud deals are already  being run on lenders.  November 2002 La Velle Goodwin signed up as a  member or Royal Club  November 2002, Royal Club International is  incorporated under the Societies Act of Alberta. 2003 Reports received from consumers indicate that  the club is conning new members out of money by  pretending to purchase their existing timeshares.   February 2004 La Velle Goodwin, having been  refused services without reason, begins to uncover  the evidence of fraud at Royal Club.  March 2004 Calgary Consumer Watch reporter Lea  Williams Doherty at CTV Calgary receives a letter  from La Velle Goodwin requesting assistance. Lea  begins covering the scam and exposing their  involvement in others.  March 2004 Service Alberta receives evidence from  La Velle Goodwin which allows them to lay charges  against the club on behalf of the 20 complainants  already on file, but for which they had no evidence to  support. Limitations for Goodwin are up- Service  Alberta can’t help her. July 2004, Andre Muran realizing he and Royal Club  are under investigation by Service Alberta, makes the  switch from Royal Club International to Chateau  World. Thus ensuring any potential media attention  about Royal Club will not be connected to the new  name. The signs outside of their offices in Calgary  and Edmonton change, but the staff, addresses,  phone numbers and operations remain the same.  July 2004, La Velle Goodwin files civil suit against  the club in small claims court and posts her  experience to the rip-off-report.com.  August 26, 2004 With the evidence provided by  Goodwin, Service Alberta lays 125 criminal charges  against Andre Muran and his many intertwined  corporations. Charges include failing to provide  refunds to consumers as required by law and also  misleading consumers. December 2004, When it becomes clear Goodwin is  going to go through with the lawsuit she filed, Andre  Muran and Royal Club file a 3.8 million dollar  defamation suit against Goodwin for her post on Rip-  Off- Report.com.  February 2005 Chateau World of Resorts is  incorporated under the Societies Act of Alberta. Andre  Muran installs two puppet Directors to protect himself.  March 2006 In a hearing prior to the trial of Goodwin  vs. Royal Club, W. Murray Smith tells Judge Hunt  MacDonald that Goodwin has a personal vendetta  against his client and has set up a website for the  purpose of defaming him. At the time, Goodwin had  not yet set up a website to warn consumers. April 10, 2006 W. Murray Smith advises Goodwin  that the 3.8 million dollar defamation suit would be  dropped, and his client would agree to a withdrawal  on Goodwin vs. Royal Club if Goodwin would agree  to remove the complaint from rip-off-report.com and  any other complaint sites she may have posted to.  April 11, 2006 Goodwin refuses Smiths offer and  insists on trial- which she won. May 2006 Goodwin begins efforts to warn consumers  on line with  www.travelclubscams.info.  March 2007 CIBC is foreclosing on units at the Banff  Gate Mountain Lodge and Spa.   March 2007 Anonymous email from someone  claiming to be one of Andre Muran’s staff is received  by Goodwin detailing straw-man mortgage fraud  deals and warns of the “next big scam” that will have  ““Elevations” in the title.”  April 2007 Andre Muran et. al. plead guilty to  charges filed by Service Alberta in 2004.  Muran   accepts a plea deal in Service Alberta’s case against  him. He and his Chateau World puppet directors,  Gerard D’Souza and Earl Fernandez, sign an  Undertaking, promising never to mislead consumers  or fail to issue refunds in the future. In addition,  Muran must pay the cost of investigating him and his  corporations and must reimburse the 20  complainants the money they had invested in “the  club”. September 23, 2007 Chateau World enters into 3  separate purchase agreements with Travelers  Acceptance Corp for just over $800k in promissory  notes. Travelers, along with them members whose  promissory notes were sold are unaware that the ship  is sinking quickly and Andre Muran is looking to cash  out. PDF1 | PDF2 | PDF3 | PDF4 | PDF5 | PDF6 |  PDF7 | PDF8 | PDF9  October 2007 Travelers Acceptance begins  collecting from the Chateau World members who are  unaware their travel club properties are being  foreclosed on and they will likely never receive  benefit from “the club”.  January 2008 Travelers Acceptance Corp. files a  lawsuit against Chateau World claiming  misrepresentations made in the 3 purchase  agreements. Travelers continued collecting from  Chateau World members who were unaware there  were any issues with the club. July 2008, Banff Gate Members are receiving phone  calls from Elevations offering to allow members to  use their points to invest in the new Elevations  Resort project.  August 2008 The Elevations project has begun.  investors are being suckered with slick marketing  materials and a flashy website. Victims of the  Elevations scam were taken for an estimated $40  million dollars.   August 18, 2008 A Receivership Order is issued by  the court on behalf of Gateway Mortgage against  Properties International (another Andre Muran   company) and Andre Muran. The properties affected  by the order are the Chalets at Chateau Canmore  and the Banff Gate Mountain Lodge and Spa  November 2, 2008 Banff Gate Mountain Lodge and  Spa is struck from the corporate record for failure to  file returns.  January 2009 members begin reporting that RCI has  placed a block on their memberships. Later, it would  be learned that Muran et.al. had withdrawn the  membership’s entire 3 year point inventory from RCI.  They took the money and left members with nothing;  RCI was telling members that they had to deal with  their home resort- and the home resort was not  answering the phone.  “The scope was unreal” September 2009 Members start dealing directly  with Michael Mills, VP of Collections @ Travelers  Acceptance. By this time, Travelers has it’s  judgement against Chateau World but are  threatening members who refuse to pay. Later, Mr.  Mills would send out this letter. October 2009 Andre Muran appears to be getting  desperate as false reports begin popping up around  the internet claiming CTV Consumer Watch  Reporter Lea Williams Doherty and La Velle  Goodwin are operating an extortion ring together.   December 2009, Murray Smith sends memo to  Andre Muran and Kim Schram to advise on an  unhappy straw man buyer.  December 29, 2009 Appraisals of units @ Banff  Gate Mountain Lodge and Spa   February 2010 Bill Buterman at Axcess Capital  (one of the lenders foreclosing on the Banff Gate  Mountain Lodge and Spa property) has set up a  legal condo board. He and the court appointed  receiver entered the Banff Gate Mountain Lodge  and Spa to remove Andre Muran’s staff from the  premises. At that point, staff was calling members  demanding they pay club dues and maintenance  fees... via Pay Pal. “All is well” the members were  told. The Pay Pal account was from Singapore.  March 2010 Bill Buterman contacted Goodwin to  suggest an effort to help members take over the  Banff Gate Mountain Lodge and Spa is begun. The  effort eventually failed when it was learned that  Buterman wanted the amount Axcess Capital lost  due to Straw-Man mortgage fraud deals. In some  cases, unfinished units assessed at $90k on the  very high end, actually had mortgages on them for  half a million dollars.  May 2010 Goodwin is contacted by Dan Dorsey at  the Alberta Law Society. He is investigating W.  Murray Smith on allegations he has been involved  in Straw-Man Mortgage fraud deals. He requests an  interview with Goodwin.  October 2010 W. Murray Smith dies, bringing the  Alberta Law Society’s investigation into Mr. Smith’s  role in the straw-man mortgage fraud deals to a  halt. Following his death, Smith is listed on the  Manitoba Historical Societies’ website as one of  Manitoba’s memorable. Turns out, he was a  Member of Parliment from 1958-1962.  January 2011 A second effort to assist members in  taking over the Banff Gate Mountain Lodge and Spa  property is made. The project is subjected to  numerous obstacles including, but not limited to  numerous false and erroneous allegations that  immediately popped up around the web. In the end,  there was not sufficient support for the project to  move forward.  August 2, 2011 Following a 3 year investigation,  Service Alberta filed 192 charges against Andre  Muran and Kim Schram, including 168 charges of  fraud over $5000.00. The charges were based 59  cases that were specifically chosen for the strength  of the evidence. Service Alberta and the Crown  Prosecutors indicated they these cases were  extremely strong and that Andre Muran was likely  going to face jail time. May 22, 2012 At a hearing in Court of Queen’s  Bench in Calgary, all charges against Andre Muran,  Kim Schram and their associated corporations were  inexplicably dropped. This left victims of the scams  without any further recourse. Members who spoke  with the Crown say they were told there was  insufficient evidence to convict.  Many members speculate that someone,  somewhere, pulled strings or paid someone off to  end the case against Andre Muran.   Nobody seems to know where the money went.  January 20, 2009 Travelers Acceptance was  awarded default judgement for the full amount they  had paid to Chateau World for the promissory notes.  Travelers Acceptance however, continued collecting  from members who were unaware that there were  any problems with their club, that there was any  dispute between TA and Chateau World over the  promissory notes or that a court had awarded  Travelers the entire amount it had paid for them in the  three purchase agreements.   August 2009 A trickle of members discovering  information on line about “the club” begin protesting  payments to Chateau World and also Travelers  Acceptance. Members are threatened by both  Chateau World and Travelers that if they do not pay,  they will face legal action and ruined credit ratings.  Many fearful of damaged credit reports continue to  pay. Updated August 20, 2012