“The scope was unreal” “The scope was unreal” Latest News July 27, 2010   Sorry for the distortions on the site. It was pointed out and, as you can see, it   has been fixed... OOOPS! (if you find problems with this site, please email us  and let us know! contact@cheatauworld.ca   July 22, 2010   UGH! Well, I guess as long as these people continue to play their games, I will   have to continue... I’m BAaaack ;) Helen and Annette on behalf of Elkhorn have  sent out a new email and a number of members have contacted me asking what I know and/or what I think about it. If you want to know, you will find my  thoughts on the matter HERE. Andre Muran and Chateau World have also sent  out a new email- which boggles my mind! Do they imagine that their former  members are STOOPID? You can see the latest email from Chateau World  HERE.   June 16, 2010  I am thrilled to say that all of the proper authorities are investigating the   misconduct of Chateau World. Further, “the club” is gasping in it’s last dying  breaths and so, I believe my work here is done. I can now, in good conscience  walk away convinced that I did as much as I could.  There is nothing more I can  do. I have removed the contact links from the pages of this site. The answers to  the questions that come in are all on this site and on the FAQ page. I will leave  the site and also the discussion forum up and running making only occasional  updates to this page if any big news comes in. If anything happens that people  need to contact me, just post to the guestbook. I get those messages and will  respond to them. I also check in on the comments that are made to the  discussion forum and if I have 2 cents to throw in, I will. To all who provided  helpful information, encouragement, support, assistance and/or otherwise over  the years, thank you very, very much. I most sincerely appreciate it. It has been  a trip! (not the kind of trip I thought I was going to get...but a trip none the  less!) La Velle June 16, 2010   Members are reporting that letters have been received suggesting they have   the oportunity to “transfer” their membership to the Elkhorn Resort. Folks are  asking whether the offer is legitimate or if it can be trusted. My take on it is  this: Given that, in reality, there are no Chateau World memberships the truth of  the matter must be that this is not a  chance to “transfer” anything. The letter  appears to me to be an effort to entice members to buying into another club  and they are spinning it to make it sound like a chance to salvage your Chateau  World membership.  Deceptive to say the least. Beyond that, I have heard  rumours for years that the Elkhorn is somehow connected with Andre Muran  and his scams however, I have never been provided with proof of that- only the  allegations that it is true- but at this point, those allegations along with a new  offer from the Elkhorn is sufficient for me to write it off as a bad deal. In this  instance, I think ‘better safe than sorry’ is wise. Consider too that Helen and  Annette worked for Andre Muran for years and years as active participants in  blinding members to the truth about what was going on. They did not jump ship  (if in fact they did jump ship- personally, I don’t believe they did) until the boat  had sunk. Although they claimed they had “just found out” that “all of the  rumours were true”- based on emails I have received from Chateau world  victims over the years, these ladies were fully aware of what was going on at  “the club” and were active participants in the scam- working hard to keep  members blinded. (My goodness, staffers who were there for less than 2  months knew what was going on- if after all of their years in the employ of  Andre Muran these ladies honestly did not know what was going on, they are  mentally challenged to a spectacular degree.) Finally, this latest effort strikes  me as an abuse of your personal contact information... unless you gave Helen  and Annette your permission to seek out a new timeshare on your behalf. If  Helen and Annette are working independently of Andre Muran (which again, I  don’t believe for a minute), then I am sure the Elkhorn is prepared to pay them  a hefty commission on the members who sign up.   June 1, 2010   The recording of the Calgary meeting has been posted! Sorry for the delay!   Click Here. June 1, 2010   Constable Rogers from the RCMP has spoken with Miles Partington at   Service Alberta regarding the complaints that have been made against Chateau  World to the RCMP though the RECOL website. It was determined that Service  Alberta will handle the investigation. Service Alberta has the authority to lay  charges under the criminal code if the evidence warrants it. The RCMP are  prepared to assist with the investigation if that is needed at any time.   © L.Goodwin 2011-2012