“The scope was unreal” “The scope was unreal” Straw-Man Mortgage Fraud Deals According to one of the lenders who was defrauded, Andre Muran  and his associates soaked lenders for $23 million dollars by  utilizing the units at the Chateau Canmore and Banff Gate  Mountain Lodge and Spa. Properties which, consumers were told,  were held in trust on behalf of club members.  Email received March 11, 2007 (click segments to enlarge) Email received March 18, 2007 (click segments to enlarge) A Statement of Claim was filed against Andre Muran, W. Murray Smith and Claude Fitzgibbons by one of the  Straw-man buyers in December of 2009.  As can be seen in the Statement of Claim, the Straw-man deals were  already in full swing by January of 2002- the paint on the Banff Gate Mountain Lodge and Spa was barely dry.  After being interviewed by investigators at the Alberta Law Society, we were asked to publish the following statement to this website.  The above noted investigation came to an abrupt halt in October of 2010 when W. Murray Smith, the lawyer under investigation in the mortgage fraud deals, died. The real estate agent involved in the frauds has died also. There is no longer any need to contact Mr.  Dorsey. This investigation has been closed.  © L.Goodwin 2011-2012