“The scope was unreal” “The scope was unreal” Royal Club International and Royal Club Resorts were the beginning of the con. Contrary to the  registration documents below, Andre Muran started selling “Royal Club International in the late  90’s. (Some members still have their membership cards from long before “the club” was ever  formally registered or incorporated.  It appears to have been a well thought out con from it’s inception. Sales people were trained  to talk about “Royal Club International” (Andre Muran’s club”)  interchangeably with the acronym “RCI”, which is an established  vacation exchange based in the US.  While innocent consumers were shown promotional materials from  the American Exchange, they were being seduced into believing RCI  really stood for “Royal Club International”.  Royal Club International appeared to be a well established international exchange... they  even designed their logo to appear similar to the exchange giant.  In 2004, Royal Club International, Andre Muran and other corporations under Muran’s  direction had 20 complaints against them at the Service Alberta office. At that time, the  investigators were unable to pursue charges for a complete lack of evidence.   How could there have been no evidence?! The clever con continues...  Sales people for “the club” would minimize a prospective member’s fears by pointing out that  the Fair Trading Act of Alberta had a provision that protected them. They could make a  deposit, and, under the law, if they changed their minds, all they had to do was call the “RCI”  office within 10 days to cancel. The law assured them a full refund within 15 days of cancellation.  The ploy worked and consumers who did call to cancel were hit with one more con: “No problem” the friendly voice would  tell them. “Just pack up all of the catalogues, and information we gave you along with your contracts and ship that to us.  As soon as we have received it, we will pop your refund into the mail.”  People followed what hey thought were just normal procedure, only to find that the refund cheques would never be  issued. At first, the scammers would toy with the people, telling them that “the cheque was sent”; “should be there any day”;  “Ooops! It was somehow lost behind a desk, but we have found it now and it will be in today’s mail...” Eventually though,  the staff would seemingly grow tired of the game and would simply not answer the phone when these people called. Evidence finally arrived from a victim of the scam who still had all of the contracts,  catalogues, members album and other materials she and her husband had been given.  When she filed her complaint with Service Alberta, the investigator finally had what she  needed to file charges... and she did. On August 26, 2004, service Alberta laid 125  criminal charges against Andre Muran and his corporations. (click here for the official  media release) Similar names like Royal Club International and Royal Club Resorts  and Royal Crown Resorts, (all under the direction of Andre Muran and  involved in the fraud) made it easier for sales people to confuse  consumers. Based on the registrations documents, Muran was, at times,  operating  businesses he had not registered and at other times, when  corporations were struck from the corporate record. Royal Club Resorts - Royal Club International © L.Goodwin 2011-2012 For what purpose? We can only speculate on why Andre Muran would need a lease agreement between Royal Club  International (a corporation he directs) and Royal Crown Resorts (a corporation he directs). Click documents to enlarge