“The scope was unreal” “The scope was unreal” Latest News October 24, 2011      Andre Muran and Kim Schram appeared in court this morning, again, without   a     lawyer. When asked by the judge whether the Defendants were seeking a new  defence   attorney,  Andre Muran told the court that he has been talking with a  lawyer in Ottawa   who has worked with him before, and that this individual was  looking into a lawyer  here  in Calgary on behalf of the Defendants.  The Crown  Prosecutor informed the court that  Disclosure of documents has not been  made  up until today because the previous  attorney Allan Low did not want to obtain  the  Disclosure documents until he had been  properly retained by Mr. Muran and Ms.   Schram. Mr. Low withdrew as the lawyer for  Andre Muran and Kim Schram  sometime between  the September 26th hearing and the  October 3 hearing.  A  summary of disclosure was provided directly to Andre Muran by  the Crown in court   today. The summary appeared to be about a ream and a half of  paper (approx 5.5  or  6 inches thick.) Kim Schram indicated to the court that she and  Andre were not  the Principals of all of  the corporations charged in this case. The Crown  stated  that between Andre Muran  and Kim Schram, the two of them represented the   Principals of all of the corporations  charged. When the judge put the matter to Mr.   Muran, Andre said he was not sure if  he was the Principal of all of them or not.   The  judge began listing the corporations. Mr. Muran acknowledged being the  Director  of  Properties International however, when asked about Chateau World-  he was not  sure  “because,” he explained “there are a number of Chateau World  corporations” Mr.   Muran said he is the principal of some of them; Mr Muran  claimed he was not sure if  he  was the Principal of Royal Crown Resorts.  The  Judge has set the next hearing date for  November 15th at 9:00 am in Courtroom   305. The date was made peremptory on the  Defence. If they fail to retain a lawyer  by  that time, the judge indicated that the case  would move forward without a  defence  attorney. Outside of the courtroom, the Crown  Prosecutor spoke to us  and emphasized that the  Crown is taking this case very  seriously; beyond that  however, he was not able to  comment as this matter is still  before the court.     October 20, 2011      NOTICE TO ALL FORMER CHATEAU WORLD MEMBERS:  Some members are     reporting that they have received telephone calls from  unnamed companies  promising  to ‘re-sell your Chateau World timeshare at a  profit.’ PLEASE BE  ADVISED:    Oct 8,  2011    Members who are affected by the recent agreement between Crelogix and    Service Alberta have started receiving cheques along with a letter. We have  forwarded  the letter portion to our lawyers at Docken & Company for  review.  Please hold off on  cashing the cheque until we receive the “go-a-  head” from  Docken & Company. It  should be coming shortly.  October 4, 2011      Some members are reporting that they have received telephone calls from Alvin     Chan at Crelogix regarding the payment of funds as per the recent  agreement  with  Service Alberta. It would be prudent for those being contacted to request an  email or l  etter  from Crelogix regarding the payment to ensure there is  documentation of the   payment and it’s intended purpose. Also, to ensure that  there are no later  issues as we  move into the class action. Alvin Chan’s email  address is:  achan@crelogix.com. October 3, 2011     In Calgary Provincial Court this morning, both Andre Muran and Kim Schram       were present and representing themselves. Allan Low withdrew as their legal    representative. Andre Muran indicated that they will be seeking another  lawyer.  The  judge put the matter over to October 24, 2011 at 9:00 a.m. in Court  Room  305. Both  Andre Muran and Kim Schram are expected to attend.     October 3, 2011      Just spoke with Bill Ramage at Service Alberta regarding the media release     Crelogix put out on Friday night. (click here to view release1) (click here to  view  release  2) Bill explained that there have been extensive meetings with Crelogix.  Crelogix will  reimburse monies taken as payments for Chateau World membership   after February 26  of 2010.   Bill emphasized that, as part of this agreement,  Crelogix understands that   Chateau World members who receive reimbursements  under this agreement  are still  able to join in a class action should they choose to  do so.  That said, Docken &  Company would like to double check and ensure that   Crelogix does exactly that. If you  receive a reimbursement cheque along with  any  writing that accompanies it, please  forward a copy to us before you cash  it.     October 3, 2011      Andre Muran’s lawyer is in court this morning. We will publish the results of   that hearing as soon as we hear back from Service Alberta.     October 1, 2011    We have heard back from Docken & Company about Crelogix settlement with     Service Alberta. Accepting money from Crelogix for money they took after  February of  2010  will not  damage the likelihood you will get the rest of the money  they took  from  you prior to February 2010.  Any payments received need to be  clearly written out as  “partial payments”.  If you are contacted by Crelogix offering  to reimburse money,  please contact  us so that Docken & Company can ensure  this in handled in a way that  does  not eliminate your chances of getting the rest of  your money back.  October 1, 2011    Late last night, Crelogix posted media releases to two web release services.  The     release states, in short, that Crelogix has come to an agreement with  Service  Alberta in  regards to Chateau World members. It appears that Crelogix is taking  responsibility only  for monies they took after   February 2010, which is when  Chateau World officially went  belly up. The issues in this case go much deeper  than the spin Crelogix has placed on   their releases. Crelogix was never in a legal  position to take payments from members in  the  first place.  It is our position that  Crelogix owes all monies collected by them for  Chateau  World memberships  dating back to October 2007.  We will be consulting with  Docken & Company and  will post with regards to  this matter as soon as we have a  clearer understanding  of the situation.  In the mean time, we recommend that you not  agree to accept  any payments  from Creloigix until Docken & Company weighs in.  © L.Goodwin 2011-2012