“The scope was unreal” “The scope was unreal” Latest News October 31, 2009   The domain for Chateau World has been renewed however, the email addresses   still don’t work. If you need current contact information click here.   October 29, 2009   We spoke with RCI today.  RCI does NOT HAVE ANY INVENTORY for Chateau   World.  Members of Chateau World were telling members several weeks ago that  the matter with RCI had been resolved. IT IS NOT RESOLVED AS OF OCTOBER  29/09. October 27, 2009   A new tactic has been implemented by someone representing himself as “AM” to   make CHEATauWorld.ca go away!  It did not work. October 26, 2009 Reports are  coming into CHEATauWorld.ca suggesting that an untold number of Promissory  Notes along with a good deal of personal information was sold to Travellers  Acceptance in Burnaby BC. We are looking into the details and will post  information as we are able to obtain it. If you have information about this matter,  please email us. October 18, 2009   We have collected current working numbers for Chateau World. You can find the   numbers you need here.   October 18, 2009   Chateau Canmore is denying any association or affiliation with Chateau World or   RCI timeshares.   October 15, 2009   Chateau World moved it’s office early in 2009 to an unmarked office located at:    Suite 201, 17615 - 105 Avenue,  Edmonton,  Alberta  Most recent phone number  is:  780-487-2837   October 15, 2009   Chateau World has set up a new website! www.chateauadmin.com. It features a   new logo that seems to have lost the word “world”... just going with “Chateau”  now. October 05, 2009   Information about the Elevations Resort scam has been updated.   October 05, 2009   We have added new information not previously published. Inside information from   Andre Muran’s own staff that told us back in early 2007 that the next big scam  would be called “Elevations”- emails include details of the inner workings of Andre  Muran’s scams. Click Here to read the unedited emails. October 05, 2009   The number of plaintiffs is steadily increasing and we should have significant  numbers in the near future. Class Action is looking likely now. © L.Goodwin 2011-2012