“The scope was unreal” “The scope was unreal” Latest News November 30, 2009   Many members have reported that Travellers Acceptance has stopped chasing   them for payment on their Chateau World time shares/travel club memberships  once members indicate they know they were scammed. Travellers Acceptance  sued Chateau World and won a judgement against them. This may help to explain  their willingness to drop the matter when victims speak up.   November 21, 2009   The results of W. Murray Smith’s Alberta Law Society hearing have peen posted   to the Alberta Law Society website. CLICK HERE November 21, 2009   Service Alberta says Chateau World members, who have paid their yearly club   dues and maintenance fees but have not been able to obtain a booking, should  call them at 1-877-427-4088.   November 20, 2009   CTV’s Lea Williams-Doherty reports on Chateau World and the seven   investigations currently under way at Alberta Government Services. CLICK HERE   November 19, 2009   An Alberta couple who are fed up with Chateau World antics informed a Chateau   World employee that they knew Chateau World was operating a scam and the  couple refused to pay any more money into it. The result? The Chateau World  employee calmly said “Oh, OK” and offered the couple the option to sign a  “Voluntary Surrender” agreement. CLICK HERE to see the agreement and learn  more.  November 7, 2009   You can run a property title search result for the Banff Gate Mountain Lodge and   Spa on line! CLICK HERE for details.   November 7, 2009 We have discovered that for an unknown period of time prior to  July 2008, “maintenance fees” were clearly not being applied to the maintenance  of the whirl pool or swimming pool at the Banff Gate Mountain Lodge and Spa. The  Calgary Health Region ordered the closure of both pools because of the health  threats they posed. Click to see Order 1 Click to see Order 2 Click to see Order 3 November 3, 2009   It has come to our attention that W. Murray Smith is on the Board of Directors of Elevations Resort.   November 1, 2009   We have added a new page to this site to help members see the strange and   mind numbing lengths folks at “the club” will go to in order to make members give  up and go away. We have histories that go back to 2004 new ones that are as  recent as today. If you have experiences you would like to contribute, please email  us. Your input is welcome. November 1, 2009   Chateau World staff are using their own home phone numbers and free email   addresses as the Chateau World phones are no longer in service and the  @chateauworld.com email addresses are not working. For current contact  information  © L.Goodwin 2011-2012