“The scope was unreal” “The scope was unreal” Latest News April 10, 2012  We have been contacted by Patrick Higgerty of Docken & Company to advise that   Docken & Company is withdrawing as representation on behalf of Crelogix victims. The  reason, as we understand it, is that some of the victims limitations have run out, and  others are quickly running out. That being the case, the best option for Crelogix victims  is to wait for Chateau World et. al. to be convicted of the criminal fraud charges against  them and then Crelogix victims will be able to file suits against Crelogix under a section  of the Fair Trading Act. That action would not hold Crelogix accountable for torts and  so, would not hold any promise for punitive damages. Docken & Company’s interest in  the case would have been in taking a percentage of any punitive damages awarded by  the court. Once Chateau World et. al. are convicted, victims of Crelogix will be in a position to file  suit against Crelogix. The case would be a very simple one and we intend to post a  generic Statement of Claim that can be customized by any who wish to move forward  with a claim on their own.   April 10, 2012  We have been forced to revert back to an earlier version of this website after   being hacked once again. You may find that some of the more recent updates and also  some of the news archives are missing. We are working at restoring them.   February 16, 2012   In Calgary Provincial Court this morning, Andre Muran appeared personally.   Kim Schram did not appear but was represented by her lawyer, Jennifer Ruttan.   A  number of the charges were stayed (stopped) to make the prosecution more  manageable. Additional disclosure was provided to the defendants by Bill Wagner, the  Crown Prosecutor. Mr. Wagner advised there was further disclosure to be provided  soon.   Judge Lamoureux set the matter over to Thursday, May 24, 2012 at 9 a.m. in  Calgary Provincial Court Room 305.   February 16, 2012   Lawyers at Docken & Company have decided to wait until the criminal fraud   charges against Chateau World are dealt with by the court. If the court convicts Andre  Muran, Kim Schram and Chateau World of criminal fraud, it will be possible to go after  Crelogix on behalf of a greater number of victims.    December 12, 2011   With regards to the case against Chateau World, Andre Muran and Kim Schram:   The hearing that had been scheduled for December 15th was moved to December    8th. (which, clearly, was several days ago)  At that time, it was agreed that the next  hearing would be held February 16th, 2012.    November 27, 2011    New updates have been made to the timeline page of this website.    November 16, 2011    Andre Muran appeared in court again yesterday. Kim Schram was not present   but   represented by a lawyer she has retained to represent herself personally.  When  asked by the judge if Andre intended to find a lawyer, Andre indicated he had  Richard  (inaudible).  There was discussion about disclosure of information. The Crown advised  the judge  that at the last hearing, Andre Muran was given approximately a ream and a  half of  paper and that there was, in addition to that, a box at the Crown Prosecutor’s  office,  which Mr. Muran was free to pick up that day. The judge repeated to Mr. Muran  to  ensure that he understood that he was to go and pick up the box that day. Mr Muran   indicated that he understood and would retrieve the box.  The next hearing has been  set for December 15, 2011 at 9am in court room 305.     November 03, 2011    Clint Docken (Docken and Company) sent a demand letter to Crelogix today via     registered mail on behalf of former Chateau World members.   The letter makes clear  that former members are accepting the recent reimbursement  cheques from Crelogix  only as partial payment of the amount owed them by the  financial lender. Further, the  letter states that the debt claimed by Travelers/Crelogix is  void and that grounds for  that claim will be laid out in the class action that is to be filed  shortly. To read the full  letter, CLICK HERE © L.Goodwin 2011-2012