“The scope was unreal” “The scope was unreal” Latest News August 13, 2012  Updates have been made to the timeline.  July 30, 2012  The website is currently undergoing some changes. We are restoring some of the   information that was obliterated by previous hacks and taking time to ensure all of the  supporting documents are available for you here on line. In the mean time, there will  be some broken links and occasionally some missing information. It will all be  complete before summer’s end.  June 20, 2012    Members who have spoken with the Crown have indicated that the Prosecutors   now   claim they have enough evidence that ties Andre Muran and/or Kim  Schram  personally to the fraud.  This is a complete turn around from what we were being told  when charges were laid.  June 8, 2012    The scoop on “thetravelclub.ca”: I was emailing with Jason into the wee hours   of the   morning. In the end, he says he didn’t realize the Chateau World case involved  fraud,  he didn’t realize there were privacy issues involved with using the list of 400’ish   members. He is checking into how his guys got that list and will let me know. In the  end,  he seems to understand why there would be suspicion on anyone who had that  list and  assured me that he would not make any further attempts to sell their  product/service to  Chateau World victims.    June 7, 2012    “Someone” has already started emailing the victims of Chateau World an offer   “Due   to the loss of timeshare program!”   The website running the “promotion” is   “thetravelclub.ca”. While they claim to have over 3000 happy members in less than 2   years, the web address was registered with GoDaddy on October 29th, 2011. By my   count, that is actually less than 7 months. Whoever it is clearly has access to Chateau  World’s member’s list. June 2, 2012    Victims who paid money to Crelogix are in a position to file a civil suit in small claims court if it has been less than 2 years since you learned of the issues with Chateau  World and Crelogix.  If, when you learned of the issues, you registered with this site or   crelogixclassaction.info, then we will have proof of the date that your limitations clock   started. If you are taking action or plan to take action, just email us and we will send  you  the registration for your records.    May 24, 2012  If you are a victim, in the Calgary area and willing to speak to a reporter about   the   charges having been dropped, please send me your contact information    contact@cheatauworld.ca     May 23, 2012  I just heard from Peter MacKenzie from the Crown Prosecutors office.  I explained that   I would be receiving questions from victims and was wondering what I  could tell  people, specifically, what happened?  Mr. MacKenzie explained, in a rather curt tone,  that I am not one of their complainants.  And that what I was really looking for was a  media interview, but that he is not talking to  the media about this and so he had no  comment.  I asked if he would be willing to speak with some of the complainants. He  promised that  he would be very willing to talk to complainants.  If you are one of the  complainants and would like an explanation from the Crown  Prosecutor’s office, you  can reach Peter MacKenzie at (403) 297-3410.   May 23, 2012  I just got off the phone with Bill Ramage at Service Alberta.  The hearing that was   scheduled for May 24, 2012 was bumped up to yesterday. During  that hearing, the  Crown stayed (read “dropped”) all charges against Andre Muran, Kim  Schram and  related corporations. I have a call into the Crown Prosecutors office with a  request for  comment on this matter. I have not heard back from them as of yet.  For those who  were further victimized by Travellers Acceptance/Crelogix, this is “End  Game” for your  cases as well. Without the court finding that your contracts were affected  by fraud,  there is no means of going after them now either.    May 10, 2012  Documents have been leaked to us that promise to shed greater light on the   Elevations   scam, including one that seems to provide a tie into Richard Bosada, the  Ottawa lawyer  who will supposedly be defending Andre Muran on the current criminal  charges he faces.  As we wrap our brains around these new documents, we will  publish them here and  provide any new and or interesting details we are able to glean  from them.  May 7, 2012  We have “stumbled upon” a  copy of a Statement of Claim that was filed in 2007 which     names Bill Buterman and Axcess Capital among the Defendants. Allegations in the   Statement of Claim state that Bill Buterman (co-founder of Axcess Capital and Chair   Elect of the Real Estate Council of Alberta) inflated the amount of a mortgage he   approved through Axcess Capital for the purpose of putting money into the pockets of   those involved. Certainly, if the allegations are true, Mr. Buterman will have allot of   S’plainin to doo.  It is noteworthy that among the lenders who were burned in the  Strawman mortgage  fraud deals on units at the Banff Gate Mountain Lodge and Spa,  only Axcess Capital  issued mortgages that were close to 2 times the appraised value  of the units. In the case  of unfinished units, the amount was over 3 times their actual  value.  We have tried to contact Mr. Buterman for comment and have yet to hear back  from him.  May 5, 2012  Something is up with the Banff Gate property. Bill Buterman of Axcess Capital (who is the self appointed president of the Condo Board) fired the property manager without   cause or notice and rumour has it that he/the board owes the management company a   sizeable sum. Details to be posted as we receive them.    April 11, 2012  In anticipation of the Fraud case against Chateau World et. al. being set down   for   trial, we have added two new features to this website.   To the right (on this page only)  you will see the new CHEAT.au.Chat widget. If you have  thoughts, ideas or questions  that you would like to put to CHEATauWorld.ca or other  victims who might be visiting  this site, you can do so in the chat box right now, in real  time. (If we are not on line  when you post, we will respond to it the next time we log on.)  We have also added a  new forum directly to this site. While we will keep the old forum  up and running for  those who may want to dig back into how matters have played out  over the years, the  new forum will facilitate chatter that is anticipated as we move closer  to a trial date  and of course, through the trial itself.     April 10, 2012    We have been contacted by Patrick Higgerty of Docken & Company to advise that     Docken & Company is withdrawing as representation on behalf of Crelogix victims.  The  reason, as we understand it, is that some of the victims limitations have run out,  and  others are quickly running out. That being the case, the best option for Crelogix  victims  is to wait for Chateau World et. al. to be convicted of the criminal fraud  charges against  them and then Crelogix victims will be able to file suits against  Crelogix under a section  of the Fair Trading Act. That action would not hold Crelogix  accountable for torts and so,  would not hold any promise for punitive damages.  Docken & Company’s interest in the  case would have been in taking a percentage of  any punitive damages awarded by the  court. Once Chateau World et. al. are  convicted, victims of Crelogix will be in a position to file  suit against Crelogix. The  case would be a very simple one and we intend to post a  generic Statement of Claim  that can be customized by any who wish to move forward  with a claim on their own.     April 10, 2012    We have been forced to revert back to an earlier version of this website after   being   hacked once again. You may find that some of the more recent updates and also   some of the news archives are missing. We are working at restoring them  © L.Goodwin 2011-2012