“The scope was unreal” “The scope was unreal” Latest News May 28, 2010   Investigators from the Alberta Law Society has requested that we publish the   following announcement:    The Law Society of Alberta is investigating allegations of mortgage fraud involving  Banff Gate Mountain Lodge properties located in Harvey Heights. The Law Society  would be interested in speaking to anyone who purchased one of the Banff Gate  Mountain Lodge condo units and subsequently sold the property to Properties  International or related companies. If you know of anyone who was involved in  such a transaction, would you please provide our contact information to them with  the request that they contact us. Dan Dorsey Investigator Law Society of Alberta  dan.dorsey@lawsociety.ab.ca (403) 229-4754 (direct line) 1-800-661-9003 (toll  free)   May 28, 2010 The recording of the meeting in Calgary is almost done and will be available soon! In the   meantime, there is an evaluation of the properties that was done by Al Rothbauer that you  can watch by clicking here May 28, 2010 The media links that were previously on the main page of this site can now be found by   clicking here. May 20, 2010 The Calgary meeting was held last night with a little over 250 attending. The meeting was   covered by CBC television and CBC radio. Miles Partington from Service Alberta  indicated that he has a new understanding of what has been going on and told members  that he would be going to his supervisor to see what more immediate steps can be taken  to deal with Andre Muran and Chateau World. Miles stated also that members can contact him directly - miles.partington@gov.ab.ca The meeting was recorded and once the audio  is cleaned up a bit, we will apply it to the power point that we used and make it available  on line. As a side note, the portion of the meeting where Miles Partington was speaking  was not recorded as he was in attendance only to speak to consumers. There is a Public  Affairs office at Service Alberta that handles media etc. So for us to have recorded that  segment of the meeting, we would have needed a person from that department to be on  hand.   May 18, 2010 Chateau World is making another attempt to getcha- CLICK HERE for the latest.   May 16, 2010 Plans for an Edmonton meeting have been placed on hold and the content of the Calgary   meeting altered following a meeting between Bill Buterman of Axcess Capital and  members of the Inn of the Rockies Board. [The content that was here has been removed  at the request of a member on the Board of the Inn of the Rockies who still feels there is a  chance to negotiate with Bill Buterman and Axcess Capital additions to this post have  been made in blue] Axcess Capital is asking $300,000 for each unit on the property.  Appraisal documents from December 2009 indicate that finished units are only worth  $165,000 and unfinished units $90,000. Mr. Buterman has indicated he would finish the  unfinished units prior to a sale. Unless Mr. Buterman lowers the price for the units to one  the Board would consider a reasonable price based on the actual value of the property  units, the plan for a member purchase is dead in the water. The Calgary meeting will go  on for the purpose of answering victims' questions. Miles Partington, the investigator from  Service Alberta will be on hand and we are working on getting a rep. from the RCMP  fraud Squad as well.   May 13, 2010 We have obtained copies of an independent appraisal of the Banff Gate Mountain Lodge   and Spa property value. Click Here to view.   May 12, 2010 New document in appears to corroborate allegations of a “strawman” mortgage fraud   scheme. Click here to see the allegations. Click here to see the new document. May 10, 2010 If you have a Pay Pal account, please check your account for unauthorized activity.   May 6, 2010 A new email has been sent to the former members/victims of Chateau World. It appears   that the people behind “the club” have established a new website and the email was sent  from the new “face” they have chosen to operate under. Be advised: You are free from  Chateau World- there is no need to pay anyone money in order to walk away. You are not  obligated to continue to be victimized by them. For more information and to read the  email, click here. May 6, 2010 Services Alberta has assigned Miles Partington as the investigator on the Chateau World   case. If you intend to file a complaint, you can contact him directly: phone: 403-297-5733  email: miles.partington@gov.ab.ca   May 6, 2010 Miles Partington from Service Alberta will be speaking at the information meeting on May   19th in Calgary. If you are planning to attend, please RSVP HERE.   May 3, 2010 We have a copy of the letter of termination sent from RCI to Andre Muran April 26th,   2010. Click Here to view.   May 2, 2010 RCI has issued a formal letter of termination to Andre Muran. The letter, dated April 26th   informs Mr. Muran that his operations must cease any representations that his companies  are affiliated with RCI in any way. Letters were also issued on April 26th to all Chateau  World members who held RCI accounts informing them of the termination.   May 1, 2010 Information sessions for a member take over of the property formerly known as the Banff   Gate Mountain Lodge and Spa have been set for Calgary members. Two sessions will be  held in Calgary at the Thorncliffe Community Hall on May 19th, 2010 at 6:00 pm and 8:00  pm. Former members who wish to attend are asked to RSVP here.   May 1, 2010 A complete list of documents (linked for viewing), including court documents and releases   rom Alberta Government Services has been added to this site. Click here to view.   © L.Goodwin 2011-2012