“The scope was unreal” “The scope was unreal” Latest News March 17, 2011 We are VERY excited to announce that Interval International is on board for the takeover  project!   Click here to visit the new Interval International page on the Inn of the Rockies website.  Click here to visit Interval International’s website.  March 7, 2011 The Statement of Claim that was filed against Travelers Acceptance, Crelogix   Acceptance and Michael Mills is now available on this site.  Click here to view.  March 3, 2011 Calgary’s first meeting went well and  at both Calgary and Edmonton meetings, it was   really nice to meet people who have used this site over the years. I knew they were out  there- but now, some  of them have faces. It has been very nice to have the chance to  chat with them.   As we saw earlier this week in Edmonton, there were a good number of people who   were very interested in the new plan. We will continue with more meetings next week  Edmonton on March 7th, Red Deer March 8th and Calgary again on the 9th.  If you know other former Chateau World members who have not heard about the new  plan, please let them know and invite them to check over the information on the website   March 1, 2011 The meeting in Edmonton last night was really good! We had an excellent turn out and  very positive feedback from those in attendance. The Red Deer meeting has been   temporarily postponed because of a minor scheduling issue- but we will be re-  scheduling that meeting very soon.  On to the Calgary meeting tomorrow @ 7pm!  Feb 26, 2011 It seems that the new takeover plan has caused someone with a vested interest in   the property to get a little nervous. Someone has posted (anonymously of course) to a  complaints board that claims:  a) Phil Lutzko, Scott Brayshaw, Andrea Spiess and I are all working with Andre  Muran on his latest scam... (What part of this website would give anyone the idea  that I would EVER work with or for Andre Muran? Or that I would be involved with  others who were in cahoots with Andre?) Be assured, Phil and Scott don’t know  Andre, Andrea has met him because she is the court appointed Receiver for  Properties International, and I have seen him (never properly introduced) at the  court house on 3 separate occasions. None of us would ever work with or for him.  b) That the RRSP financing of the units is illegal... No, it is not illegal. If you have  concerns about that, just CLICK HERE to go to the Canadian Income Tax Act.  Section 204.4 (you have to scroll down to get to it) is the section that explains  RRSP investments. What you will find there is that, although you may not use your  RRSP to finance your own, you can use your RRSP in an arms length transaction  to finance someone else. - and that is what this plan would do.  c) That the appraisals we are using are dishonest for the purpose of procuring  profit for ourselves.  Not the case at all. Though it is true, that those units would sell for $165k if they  were purchased for private use and maintained privately (and as is) - the  appraisals we have to work with take into account that these units will be  renovated and would be part of a fully functioning, operating resort that takes in  rental income (which the owners earn). It is similar to the difference between  purchasing an empty building or purchasing a business along with the property it  sits on.   I suspect that the person who posted false information about Phil, Scott, Andrea and  myself has a personal reason for wanting us to fail. No doubt, it is the same person who  posted to the same board that Lea Williams Doherty (the CTV reporter who did several  expose pieces about Andre Muran and the scam) and I were operating an extortion ring  together. In this situation, there are some really shady characters out there who are angry that  they have lost this property- They blame me, and they still want to take it back.   So- if in researching Phil, Scott, Andrea or myself, you come across what appears to  discredit us, we welcome any questions you might have. You can email us about it. We  will not be offended. We will respond to any concerns you may have.  Finally, before you believe what anyone is saying- I hope you will demand proof of what  is being said.   La Velle Goodwin  CHEATauWorld.ca  Feb 23, 2011 ANNOUNCEMENT: Sorry for the delay folks! We had to make sure the ink had dried  before publishing: We are moving forward to take over the former Banff Gate  Mountain Lodge and Spa property. The new plan is neither a travel club nor a timeshare model- it is  shared ownership (or fractional ownership).   Details are available on the Inn of the Rockies website and we will  be holding information meetings in Edmonton, Calgary and  RedDeer. Click here to go directly to the new Inn of the Rockies Website.  Click here for a message from La Velle about the plan.  Feb 10, 2011  This week, someone found this site after they Googled “La Velle Goodwin”... which made us wonder- what comes up in the listings these days when La Velle  Goodwin is Googled?  There are a surprising number of reports claiming La Velle (who has been  volunteering her time for the last 7 years to warn the general public, expose  Andre Muran and his scams and assist the victims) is involved with Lea  Williams Doherty ( Consumer Watch reporter for CTV who has done many  reports on Andre Muran’s “business dealings”) and are together operating an  extortion ring... We just have no words... because we can’t stop laughing!  Feb 8, 2011  A BIG announcement will be published on this site in the next week or so! Stay   tuned! It is very exciting!... but that is all that can be said at this point. Check   back for details. They are coming soon!  Feb 8, 2011  A Class Action was filed yesterday in Court of Queen’s Bench against Travelers  Acceptance, Crelogix and Michael Mills on behalf of former Chateau World members whose payments were taken by either or both of the financial companies. IF your Chateau World membership payments were taken by Travelers Acceptance or Crelogix, you qualify as a Prospective Class or Sub  Class Member. Please Register HERE © L.Goodwin 2011-2012