“The scope was unreal” “The scope was unreal” Latest News March 31, 2010   Helen, Annette and Chris Callan “RPR” have been given the boot by Andrea Spiess   and will not have further part in any plan for the member take over of the Banff Gate  Mountain Lodge and Spa property. True to her word, Andrea will not put up with games  or shenanigans and is determined to ensure a scam free member take over of the Banff  Gate Mountain Lodge and Spa. In a conversation with Helen yesterday, it became clear  to Andrea that Helen and Annette really have no business being involved with this  matter and further that they are more of a liability than anything else to the process.  That being the case, all matters that pertain to a take over of the Banff Gate Mountain  Lodge and Spa from now on, will be overseen and directed by Andrea Spiess and La  Velle Goodwin. If members receive any further emails from Annette, Helen or Chris  Callan, please forward them to La Velle Goodwin at contact@cheatauworld.ca.   March 27, 2010   Members who were sent the email from Annette and Helen on March 18th, 2010 have   now received what appears to be a follow-up email from the same email address, but  signed by Chris Callan “RPR”. This is the first we have heard of Chris Callan... and this  is the first time we have seen the “RPR” designation. (We had to Google the latter.)  According to the #1 Google result, “RPR (rapid plasma reagin) is a screening test for  syphilis.” We don’t know what to make of this latest email and honestly do not have  answers to the many questions that it raises: - Who is Chris Callan? - Is Andre Muran  behind this plan? - Who are the as yet, unnamed individuals making up this core of  lawyers and “respected   members of the business community”? - Since when is being  the “president of a Canadian Corporation” considered a ‘credential’? - Why is the email  so vague? - Why did the first email tell members they would be called over that  weekend? - What is really going on? - Who can we trust and who should not be trusted?  - And perhaps the most perplexing, why would anyone willingly put “RPR” after their  name? What we know for sure is this: Andrea Spiess is the appointed Receiver, and the  manager for Bill Buterman (Axcess Capital), of the Banff Gate Mountain Lodge and  Spa. Andrea’s staff is operating the property currently. Andrea has worked as Receiver  for another property that went through a member take over a few years ago. (Banff Gate  Mountain Resort in Deadmans Flats) Andrea is resolute in her conviction that she will  not give the green light to any take over unless it ensures 100% control of the property  by the membership. She has assured us that she is not going to put up with any  shenanigans. That being the case, she stands as a ‘stop safe’ should a scam attempt  be made. That does not mean that members need not exercise caution, or that they  should simply rely on Andrea Spiess to protect them.  It does however add a measure of  protection that might ease the minds of some. Having said that, Helen claims to have  resigned from Chateau World’s employ. Helen further claims to have members working  with her who are lawyers and says that she will have the articles for a new Member  owned and operated resort on Andrea’s desk by Monday. We (that is,  CHEATauWorld.ca) remain incredulous. Thanks to all of the members who sent in this  latest email. Your assistance is very much appreciated! March 21, 2010   Two pages have been added to the site in response to the overwhelming email influx   we have been receiving. First is an Information page about about La Velle Goodwin. It  can be found HERE The second new page answers the number 1 question we have  been receiving since Annette and Helen’s email was sent on the 18th. - “What do you  think of this email?” La Velle has written a letter to members / victims that answers that  question. Read it HERE. March 18, 2010   An email has been sent from Helen and Annette  of Chateau World’s Members   Department to all Chateau World members. We advise members to exercise caution.  The action taken by Helen and Annette seems out of line with the intent expressed to  me by Bill Buterman at  Axcess Capital. I will be talking with Bill next week regarding the plans to move forward. In the mean time, I suggest it is wise not to jump any guns or  muddy the water. Bill has been out of town this week and so I can only assume that  these ladies are acting on their own and without Bill’s authority. If I am wrong about that,  I will correct this post next week. March 13, 2010   The Banff Gate Mountain Lodge and Spa Condominium Corp. has been established A   Board of Directors has been elected and begun the “task of re-establishing operations  of this property as required by the Condominium Corporations Act of Alberta.”  Click  here to read the letter from the Board of Directors to Banff Gate Owners.   March 12, 2010   CHEATauWorld.ca is compiling a list of Chateau World victims in order to communicate information regarding their potential takeover of the Banff Gate Mountain Lodge and  Spa. Please click here -Your information will not be passed on to any other party and  will only be used for the purpose of keeping you informed and in the loop! If you have  friends or family who are also members, please inform them and ask   them to do the  same. March 12, 2010   Axcess Capital wants to help the victims of Andre Muran’s travel club scams take over   ownership of the Banff Gate Mountain Lodge and Spa. Click here for details.   March 11, 2010 Control of The Banff Gate Mountain Lodge and Spa  in Harvie Heights has been taken   over by Bill Buterman, Founding Partner Axcess Capital.  © L.Goodwin 2011-2012