“The scope was unreal” “The scope was unreal” Latest News January 29, 2010  CHEATauWorld.ca has obtained court documents that show Units 1, 2, 3, 4, 16, 26, 39, 40, 41, 42 & 43  at the Banff Gate Mountain Lodge and Spa are foreclosure properties. The documents show that there are over 2 million dollars owing on the units and taxes that are severely in arrears. Click here for more information. January 22, 2010 It has been brought to our attention that Travellers Acceptance Corporation was awarded a judgement against Andre Muran, W. Murray Smith and many of the companies  they run together. Click here for more January 22, 2010 If you would like to receive the latest CHEATau World news, download our new tool bar. You will receive alerts and updates even before they are  posted here. Click the download banner at the bottom of this page. January 22, 2010 RCI has confirmed that Chateau World continues to have no point inventory on the RCI exchange. A CW member attempted to book a stay at the Banff Gate Mountain Lodge and Spa Jan 21, 2010 and found zero availability. January 21, 2010 Andre Muran and W. Murray Smith have lost yet another lawsuit. On Jan 21, 2010, Judge N.R. Hess ruled in favour of a vendor who had completed nearly $20,000 worth of work at the Banff Gate Mountain Lodge and Spa and had never been paid. Adding to the entertainment at trial, when W. Murray Smith asked Mr. Muran if he was the Director of Properties International, Mr. Muran replied that he did not know. January 9, 2010 Rumour has it that Chateau World members have been sent a notice explaining that Chateau World will now be “Global Resort Management”- a name that Chateau World has been billing customers with for some time now. Global Resort Management lists W. Murray Smith as it’s Director (click here to see corporate registration information) ... so it is just more of the same. January 9, 2010 The Chateau World website has been removed from the internet.  January 8, 2010 It seems that the Banff Gate Mountain Lodge and Spa is back on the RCI list of bookable locations HOWEVER, one of our people went onto the RCI website and made an attempt to book a stay at the Banff Gate Mountain Lodge and Spa only to find that there is only one unit available for a week in January of 2011. There is no availability prior to or after that week and no availability for any other units. © L.Goodwin 2011-2012