“The scope was unreal” “The scope was unreal” Q. Is there a class action against Chateau World and Andre Muran, and if so, how do I get involved in that action? Frequently Asked Questions Q. Why did the province only lay charges in relation to 59 complaints when they had over 600? Q. I just found out about this whole mess. What can I do? Q. What are the chances of getting my money back? Q. What happened with take over plan that was proposed earlier this year? Q. Is it too late to file a complaint with Service Alberta? Since criminal charges were laid on August 2, 2011, new questions are coming in. We will continue to add to this list as time permits. Q. Can I now be included in the current case against Andre Muran and the club? Q. Can I claim this loss on my taxes? Q. Is there anything I can do to help? © L.Goodwin 2011-2012