“The scope was unreal” “The scope was unreal” If people were to take Crelogix (or their predecessor Travelers Acceptance) at face  value, based on the boasts and claims they make on their website about their honesty,  integrity and ethical business practices, we would never believe this company would  ever make a business decision that could even be called into question. How do these values and standards of conduct play out in real life...?  Apparently unaware of the impending doom that Andre Muran and his empire were  facing, on September 23, 2007, Travelers Acceptance purchased an unknown number  of promissory notes from Chateau World totalling $8...k, and starting October 1 of that  same year, Travelers started taking payments from Chateau World members.  Members of Chateau World, who were also unaware that the club was being  systematically foreclosed on began making payments to Travelers Acceptance. Most  report they understood that Travelers was simply facilitating payments to Chateau  World. Sometime between September 07 and January of 2008, Travelers Acceptance became  aware that something was amiss, because the lender filed a lawsuit against Chateau  World et.al. just 4 months after the purchase agreements were entered into.  As Chateau World members became increasingly aware of the problems, and eventually the end of their travel  club, they naturally protested their payments. Travelers response? They threatened the members with ruined credit  ratings and legal action if they refused to pay.  Many members placed stop payments on their accounts to prevent Travelers from taking their money... and  Travelers altered the amounts of the payments, the dates of the payments or even the payee- from Travelers to  Crelogix to circumvent the efforts to stop them. The VP of Collections took it upon himself to misrepresent the facts  and the law to Chateau World members to induce them to pay... and when people refused to be re-victimized,  Crelogix filed negative credit reports to Trans Union and Equifax.  Chataeu World members have cancelled their Chateau World memberships under section 7 of the Fair Trading Act  of Alberta, section 7 (4) (e) (and cc’d Crelogix to ensure they understand where they stand)  These representations from the Crelogix website make it clear that this company  holds idyllic standards. They despise dishonesty and unfair business practice. They  loathe hypocrisy.  If confronted by allegations of misconduct, they are not the sort to sweep it under the  rug, no, they face such things head on, are honest about it and always do the right,  ethical and moral thing in the circumstance. As we look into the inevitable cyber stain trail that Crelogix (formerly Travelers Acceptance) has left in it’s wake, we find some conduct that does not appear to fit within the parameters of the corporations professed standards of conduct. So, what does all of this have to do with Chateau World et. al.? What we can see from the Statement of Claim filed in that case (left) is that  by the time Travelers filed that suit, they knew information that caused them  to take legal action on those notes.  It is not clear if they became aware that the promissory notes are invalid  from a legal perspective, or if they discovered that the properties were being  foreclosed on and thus, the club they were collecting for was going belly up,  but whatever it was, it was sufficient to cause them to file.  Andre Muran, Chateau World et. al. never filed any sort of response to the  Statement of Claim and so, the court naturally awarded Travelers  Acceptance a default judgement for the entire amount they were seeking.  That was, the entire amount they paid to Chateau World for those notes.  The Court did what it should have. It basically said “Chateau World duped  Travelers on this deal- so the deal is undone and Chateau World has to give  Travelers all of their money back.  Of course, based on the standards of conduct and Ethics and their Mission  Statement, we can all guess what Crelogix did next! That is right! They  continued collecting money from the Chateau World members who were still  unaware anything was wrong with their travel club.  Travelers Acceptance v. Chateau World et. al. Statement of Claim Travelers Acceptance v. Chateau World et. al. Default Judgement Chateau World members were absolutely subjected to  unfair trading practices as defined in the Fair Trading Act  by Chateau World.   Mr. David Tupper of Blakes Cassels and Graydon (who  has been retained to protect Crelogix’s interests in this  matter) has advised members that he disagrees with an  interpretation of this law that would require Crelogix to  return monies to Chateau World members. Click to enlarge There are reams of emails and letters that have gone between  former Chateau World members and Travelers/Crelogix. In some,  there are some pretty interesting twists on the truth and in others,  there are outright lies. But this one is our favourite.  After Chateau World members had protested their payments for  some time,  and had been threatened with legal action, ruined  credit ratings etc. Kirk Spence from CRA contacted Crelogix. Mr.  Spence informed them that CRA is the “first creditor” as respects  Chateau World and as such, Crelogix was to cease collecting from  Chateau World members. Further, the money that had been  collected by Crelogix to date was to be forwarded to CRA.  Suddenly, Michael Mills (VP of Collections) changed his tune and sent out the letter you  see on the right.  One of the members who received this letter took the liberty of bringing it to the attention  of Kirk Spence at CRA. He called this letter “very misleading” and confirmed for us that  CRA does not ever use agents to collect debts on it’s behalf... because they are CRA.  Contrary to the claims and boasts on the Crelogix website, Mr. Mills has not been dealt  with for failing to comply with the company’s standards- instead, they are protecting him.  Click to enlarge Crelogix Acceptance (formerly Travelers Acceptance) Travelers Acceptance Sued Chateau World © L.Goodwin 2011-2012