“The scope was unreal” “The scope was unreal” Chateau Canmore Originally built by Andre Muran in the late 90’s, the Chateau  Canmore no longer has any connection to him. It is believed  the main part of the property (the large building with the red  roofs left) was removed from Muran’s control by the Quality  Inn franchise, which learned Muran was operating the  property like a timeshare and that there were questions of  fraud regarding the operation. (Though we do not have solid  confirmation on that point, we are aware of an email that was  sent to the leadership of Choice Hotels/Quality Inn spelling  out the nature of Muran’s operations and the loss of  control  over that portion of the property soon followed.) The chalets remained under Andre Muran’s control until a Receivership  order (resulting from Straw-Man mortgage fraud deals) brought Muran’s  ability to operate from that location to an end.  Members of the club, who believed these chalets were their home resort  were sent letters telling them that, because they had been fantastic  members, they were being “upgraded” to the Banff Gate Mountain Lodge  and Spa.  Members of the club did not question the move. Most assumed that if the  club was doing it, it was permissible under the law. Nothing could be  further from the truth however.  Moving members from the chalets at Chateau Canmore to the Banff  Gate Mountain Lodge and Spa would have required that each and every  member enter into entirely new contract agreements with the club.   The story fed to members was strictly to keep them believing they had to  continue paying their club fees.  Chateau Canmore was really divided into two parts. A Receivership Order, dated August 18, 2008 names Pigeon Holdings as the Court  appointed Receiver on the Chalet Units (941 0464) at Chateau Canmore and also the  Banff Gate Mountain Lodge and Spa (011 2575).  © L.Goodwin 2011-2012