“The scope was unreal” “The scope was unreal” Latest News August 29, 2011  We are advised: In Calgary Provincial Court Case Management Office (CMO), on   Friday August 26th, the charges against Andre Muran and Kim Schram were put  over until Thursday, September 8th. That hearing will be held in Court Room 305  at 9:00 am. We are advised that Mr. Muran and Ms. Schram have retained a  lawyer and they may attend with their lawyer or, the lawyer will represent them  on September 8th. August 21, 2011  We have received a copy of the Chateau World sales training video, which is an actual   sales session in Edmonton in (it would seem) roughly 2007. It is available for viewing on  the Chateau World page of this site in two parts... for any who want to see exactly how  consumers were duped.  August 8, 2011  Some of the links on the new site, that were not working have been fixed. If you   stumble upon broken links or bugs, please feel free to report them by popping an   email to contact@cheatauworld.ca.  August 8, 2011  Spoke with Bill Ramage at Service Alberta this morning. He was very generous with   his time and provided answers to many of the questions that are being submitted to this  website. We have been advised that Service Alberta does not need any additional complaints  against Andre Muran, Kim Schram or the corporations that have been charged in this  case. The Province has sufficient evidence to prosecute and they do understand that  virtually all of the members of the club were victims.   The courts will be aware, should the time come, that there were literally thousands of  victims. Further, Service Alberta has, what is believed to be, a complete list of the victims  from the very beginning to the very end of the operations.   Service Alberta obtained a court order some time ago that compelled Chateau World to  hand over all of it’s member information. If you were among the victims of Chateau  World, they already have your name on their list of victims.  In the extremely unlikely event that Andre Muran were to magically come up with a few  million dollars to provide some kind of restitution to victims, those compensated would  not be restricted to those who filed complaints with Service Alberta nor to the 59  complainants whose evidence is being used in this case... but nobody expects that is  going to happen.   The 59 complainants were chosen by Special Prosecutors who know precisely what it  takes to convict on fraud charges of this magnitude- and Service Alberta is following the  direction of those legal experts. Those 59 complaints provided very strong evidence to  prove fraud as the charges have outlined.  Another reason that the number has been restricted to 59 is that the case has to be kept  manageable for the courts. If there were 500 witnesses- or 1000 witnesses, the case  would be too big to manage in any sort of reasonable time frames.  Although Mr. Ramage does not require further complaints or evidence, he has said that if  folks out there want to contact him, he will take the time  to talk to or email anyone who  contacts him in this matter- however, people should expect that a response will likely  take time as he is working through many inquiries and he still has a great deal of work to  do in this case. It was very clear in speaking with him that Mr. Ramage is well aware of the massive  scope of this case. He is also keenly aware of the desire of all victims to see justice. Be  assured, he knows who you are and he is working on behalf of all of you to ensure that  you see justice. August 4, 2011  New FAQ page is up and running. Click Here.   August 4, 2011  As many suspected, little happened at the courthouse today. Matters will be back in the case management office on August 26, 2011. We update information as it is  available.  August 4, 2011  Oh boy... somehow, we missed adding a link to this page. Sorry about that. August 3, 2011  Andre Muran and Kim Schram are expected to appear in Calgary court tomorrow.   Whether or not they will be there themselves or simply represented by counsel is not  known at this time. Either way, we anticipate that counsel will request that the hearing be held over for a later date allowing lawyers to review the charges and evidence against  Mr. Muran, Kim Schram and the corporations they ran. August 2, 2011  breaking news!  Andre Muran, Kim Schram and four of the corporations have been   charged under the criminal code in 168 counts of fraud over $5000! That is great news!  Read Service Alberta’s Media Release HERE.  August 2, 2011  As will be plain to see for any of our regular visitors, the CHEATauWorld website has   undergone a complete overhaul. (Some pages are still being revamped, but will be up  and completely functional soon.  The previous incarnation of this site was a mess, following two hacks and also as a  result of information being added on top of older information without time being taken to  re-organize.  The information provided here has been consolidated, updated, and some of the  information that had not previously been published has been added.  Clearer understanding of some issues has been gleaned over the last couple of years  and so, we have also made the needed clarifications and corrections.  Out dated information has been removed, all documents are available from the timeline   page, which links each event to the corresponding document.  Any questions or concerns can be sent to contact@cheatauworld.ca. © L.Goodwin 2011-2012