“The scope was unreal” “The scope was unreal” Latest News April 5, 2011 My apologies for the delays in reporting to this page- the crazy busy-ness continues...  Inn of the Rockies Update:  At this point, the deadline ‘approach-eth’ quickly and we are just holding our collective breath  to see how many former members choose to opt in. (If you have just landed on this page and  have no idea what I am talking about, please click here)  Things have been slower than we had anticipated in the beginning- but it is, at the same time  not really surprising given the history. We have had  I have been very glad to see that former members have been taking the time to really check  this out and be sure about it (which ever way they decide to go with it)  What will happen if we don’t have the full 306? I have been chatting with Phil Lutzko about  that possibility and what we have decided is that we will set up the former members in  however many units there is demand for, and then we will make an effort to retail out the  remaining units to the general public. Worksheets continue to come in- we will announce the final numbers once the deadline hits. As always, if anyone has questions or concerns, feel free to email us.  Crelogix Class Action Update:  The new website to support and assist Prospective Class Members is very close to being  ready to launch. It will provide some help and guidance with preparing Affidavits for filing and  also supply updates on the ongoing progress of the suit, information for media outlets and of  course, a FAQ section.   A media release has been prepared to go out with the launch of that site and we anticipate  some good coverage on the story (we have an extensive list of national media contacts with  special focus on reporters and journalists who focus on business and finance specifically.) The new site will live at www.crelogixclassaction.info  At this time, we have not received a Statement of Defence from Travelers Acceptance,  Crelogix Acceptance or Michael Mills. They have a little time left ... but not much time. (the  time was extended because of an amendment we made to the Statement of Claim) We can not imagine that they would fail to file a Defence- that is a fast track to Default  Judgement against them- and with $10 million in damages and possibly sentences under the Criminal Code in the pleadings, not filing a Statement of Defence would be really stupid. Of  course, we don’t believe that they have a viable defence and that might explain the hold up  on their end.   As soon as we have their Statement of Defence or their offer to settle, we will let you know. If  neither of those things happen, we will be filing a Motion for certification of the suit as a class  action and also for Default Judgement immediately. Those events will also be accompanied  by nation wide media releases. As always, if you have questions about the Class Action against Crelogix, TA & Michael Mills,  feel free to email us.  © L.Goodwin 2011-2012