“The scope was unreal” “The scope was unreal” Latest News April 29, 2010  The FAQ section of this site has been updated to better reflect the most common questions coming in as of recent events in the Chateau World saga.   April 29, 2010   CTV- Lea Williams-Doherty has a new update on Chateau World CLICK HERE to watch   it ow. April 22, 2010   We have had the first meeting of the temporary Board of Directors for the new   association and it was very positive. It is clear that we have a good group of people who  are willing to speak their minds, share ideas and challenge and question matters they are  unclear about. The meeting was productive and respectful. All in all, we are very pleased  with the people who have stepped up at this early stage to help move things along on  behalf of all victims/former members. An outline of matters discussed will be posted to  the Inn of the Rockies website soon along with some information about the temporary  board. If you are interested in serving on the board, there will be places opening in the  near future, please feel free to contact us to let us know that you would like help with this  process. The next meeting of the temporary board will be held Thursday, April 29th. April  22, 2010 We have discovered a glitch in the web form at the Inn of the Rockies website  that was causing that form to malfunction. We are very sorry for any inconvenience. If  you submitted the contact form to us from the inn of the rockies website any time prior to  April 21 at midnight, we would ask that you please submit the form again. You can submit from this site by clicking here or the Inn of the Rockies site by clicking here. If you  submitted the form from  this website, you need not be concerned as the glitch did not  effect the form on this site. April 19, 2010   We have added new court documents to this site including the Receivership Order for   Chateau Canmore. Click Here.   April 17, 2010   A new effort to discredit La Velle Goodwin and Andrea Spiess has made it’s way into the email boxes of former Chateau World members/victims. If you received the email, we  request that you please forward it to contact@cheatauworld.ca It is understandable that  you may be confused about who you can trust and who you can believe in all of this  mess. We suggest you contact Bill Buterman at Axcess Capital. The truth is that no  member purchase is possible without his support. He has to be working with any group  that intends to take back the Banff Gate property.  If you would like contact him, the  website for Axcess Capital is www.axcesscapital.com. Bill’s email is  bill@axcesscapital.com. Any group claiming to be able to help members take over the  property should be able to provide you with the names of the professionals they are  working with and evidence beyond their word that what they say is so. If you would like  proof that La Velle is a fomer member/victim click here to see the contract they entered  into. Click here to see the promissory note. None of the members/victims have any  interest in the property. It is owned by the lenders who have foreclosed on the property.  Andrea Spiess was not charged as claimed in the email.   April 15, 2010   Helen and Annette have a new website (http://members.shaw.ca/bgml) where they   claim to be working with “the lender” and attempt to further confuse the issues victims of  “the club” are facing. For the truth about Annette and Helen’s dealings with the Lender,  click here. April 12, 2010   New website for the member take over of the former Banff Gate property. If you have   already submitted the contact form on this website, you do not need to submit the form  on the new website. Click here.   April 11, 2010 Reports are coming in from many sources that, having failed at their attempt to   undermine Bill Buterman and Andrea Spiess, Helen and Annette have been calling  former Chateau World victims in an effort to get them to re-invest in Chateau World. They  claim they want to take back the Banff Gate property on behalf of the members for a new  “member run format” resort.  Victims, who are already angry that Chateau World  mismanaged their affairs so badly, are insulted by the attempt. The question many are  posing is “Why would we trust them now?”.  April 5, 2010   Look for news reports on CTV Calgary and Global Calgary stations later today!   April 5, 2010   A new email has been sent to members from Helen and Annette announcing “a exciting   new member-run program.” All indicators suggest that Helen and Annette are still working  for Andre Muran.   April 4, 2010   Some members are reporting to us that they have received phone calls from persons   claiming to be “volunteer members”.  According to reports coming in, people are being  told that in order to take over the resort, members must pay the callers in excess of  $3000. Be advised- these people can not help you take over the property. The individuals  calling are not affiliated with the Receiver or CHEATauWorld.ca in any way.      © L.Goodwin 2011-2012