“The scope was unreal” “The scope was unreal” Andre Muran Image circa 2002 Andre Muran is/was the named Director of: The Banff Gate Mountain Lodge and Spa (click for details)  Chateau Canmore Elevations Resort Royal Club Resorts (click for details) Royal Crown Resorts (click for details)  Royal Club International (click for details)  Properties International Although he was not the named Director of Chateau World, staff at Chateau World  considered him to be “the boss” In  2004, Andre Muran was criminally charged along with several of his companies by Alberta Government Services  for  unfair trading practices including intentionally misleading consumers and refusing to refund deposits as required by  law. In court proceedings with a former member of the club, Andre Muran claimed that his operations bring in $15  MILLION per year.  Theo Muran...  A Chip off The Old Block Following negative media coverage and internet attention that revealed the truth behind the business activities of  Andre Muran, Andre set himself up as the Director of Properties International and Elevations Resort, but publicly  presented his son Theodore (Theo) as the Director. In the background, Andre was pulling all of the strings.   It appears that the Elevations scam was set up for the purpose  of defrauding. This website’s owner received an anonymous  email a year before Elevations launched claiming that the next  big scam would “have Elevations” in the title and that it would  take it’s victims for tens of millions. Investors were, as per the plan, bilked out of millions collectively  and typical of the Muran M.O., nobody seems to know where  the money went and the people behind the project simply  stopped returning phone calls and emails; Eventually emails  bounced back and phone numbers were no longer in service. At last report, Andre Muran continues to live in Canmore in his this house.  He was spotted in June of 2012 walking his dog along his street. This house was last rumoured to be for sale. Asking price is significantly  lower than what is owed on it.  Andre Muran’s House. Hits to this website from international investigative organizations has left us with the sense that there is allot more to Mr. Muran and his operations than what we know. Andre Muran Born November 15, 1948 Poland Divorced, father of 2 adult children Claims to speaks 9 languages fluently People who know him say he is a trained concert pianist Plead guilty to criminal charges following Service Alberta’s first investigation into “the club”  (Click here for Informations sworn) Signed a legal Undertaking as part of a plea agreement which also included partial payment for investigative costs in the amount of $5500.00 and a fine in the amount of $16,500. © L.Goodwin 2011-2012