“The scope was unreal” CHEATauWorld is a tongue in cheek play on CHATEAU world. After details became more and more  available, the name seemed appropriate given the number of victims and unpaid vendors left in the  company’s wake.  This website is kept up and maintained by a former member and victim of the club.   The website contains a collection of information and documents that have been collected since 2002, from former members and victims of the club, as well as former Chateau World staff members who have  assisted in connecting many of the dots over the years. This website is intended to be a public service. It offers information, and assistance for the former  members of the club and serves as a warning to consumers. The information is provided free of charge. Over the years, this site has become a hub for the victims of Royal Club, Elevations and Chateau World   because it has compiled multiple information sources, creating a much bigger picture than any one victim  could have on his or her own. About “The scope was unreal” © L.Goodwin 2011-2012